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Sound Healing

Our scientists state that there is energy that they cannot measure that connects all things. As creatures made up mostly of water, we exist within these fields of connecting energy and respond to the sounds and vibration of our environment. These responses can be unconscious adaptations of our systems or they can be conscious.

There are certain sounds that can assist the body in its healing just as there are sounds that make it hard for the body to heal.   I use a variety of sounds both vocally and sub-vocally to enhance the energetic vibration of the client’s physical or energetic systems.   Guided by the client's Intention, my sounding opens the energetic and physical systems, allowing flow to increase and energies to shift. 

Clients can learn and use these sound patterns to continue the healing at home and work. The sound methodologies come from Living Tao Healing, Continuum and Tom Kenyon’s work on Sound Healing.