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My Recommended Resources

My Recommended Resouces


I have personally used the services of each of these professionals.  They are my teachers, my mentors, my colleagues and my friends.   They all serve their clients/students with their expertise, their integrity and their gifts.  Please contact me if you want any more detailed personal recommendations.


AnnaMariah   Nau    www.boldbodaciousjewelry.com/‎

Gemstone empath Creates jewelry as an energetic tool and they are gorgeous.

Bill Bauman  www.BillBauman.net

Modern Mystic, Inspiring Visionary, Awakening Heart.  Changed my life.

Carol Burbank  www. storyweaving.com

Weaves Cranial Sacral Therapy with her special capability to open the field so that her clients can shift their personal story to a place of empowerment.

Deb DeLisi   www.delisiart.com

Iintuitively creates high frequency art that is powerful to have in your life.

Jozef Dominguez   OneJozef  http://onejozef.com

Jozef is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, spiritual technician, and teacher. He has aspired from the beginning to be a Catalyst of Change -- a Living Transformer.  

Lew & Karin    www.kokolulu.com

Kokolulu Farms and Cancer Retreats in Hawi, HI provides education and charitable assistance by offering holistic healing retreats, research and empowering participants to take charge of their health.  They regularly are sponsoring a Chi Kung healer from China. 

Paula Adkins-Boyland   http://www.youralteregos.com/

Paula can organize your office, handle your social media and make your life easier.

Deborah Priya Lucas – www.Alohaqigong.weebly.com

Master Teacher of Zhineng Qigong and creator of the Higher Heart practice.  Located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Robert Frutos     http://www.hawaiisacredsitestours.com

My highest recommendation for a guide on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Specialties are tours of Sacred Sites and stunning Photography locations.  He deeply knows the history of the island both spiritual and since the 1800's. 

Suzanne Scurlock-Durana  www.HealingfromtheCore.com

Teaches the "how to" skills of presence, grounding, and healthy boundaries in workshops for both professionals and the public.

Tantra Maat   www.theagentsofcreation.com

Mystic, visionary, cellular empath.  Actively supporting and creating the field that supports the next level of human expansion.   She is called to midwife a human existence where human beings and the multi-faceted nature of the Universe are one and to give people an opportunity to open up into their higher frequency matrixes that quicken into where Creation and human beings are one.

Tom Ledder   ww.seleniteswordmaker.com

Developed Selenite Swords of Light to help activate higher energy frequencies for people all over the world. The swords channel the powerful energy of Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and other Ascended Masters, which makes them the perfect tool for healers of all modalities.