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2006 Message from the SCC to Recipients

We are the nurturers of your future. 

We are the fertilizer that will help you grow on your  path. 

We are the stimulus to that which will help you take that step, make that call, hold yourself to an action. 

We are the best of you. 

We will hold the light when you think you have fallen into the darkness. 

We will remind you of your helpers and your strong core when you feel alone and weak. 

Most of all, We will be a magnet for resources that help you prepare for your path, and for the energetic changes coming to your earth. 

We come to aid you not to change you, to assist you, not to direct you. 

We will not demand change of you nor will we speak when you have bade us not to. 

We hope to be a rich resource for you. 

Hold us in your heart.  Talk to us.

Feed us with your action and intention. 

We are thankful that you invite us on your journey.



Testimonials from Past SCC Recipients

Testimonials  from past recipientsAs far as the cosmic seed…it is real and living and breathing in me.  It is making me live life with more awe and reverence and deeper appreciation of all the gifts I have.  I have to admit being blown away by the whole experience… I received a peace and understanding about the future and my part in it…It was one of the biggest experiences of my life…Everything I was seeking I received…It filled and expanded my heart – intense heat.  I’m still feeling vibrating around my spine... My Seed of Cosmic Consciousness is leading me to a place of much bigger consciousness than I could have ever imagined

Process for Receiving Your SCC

Ways to Receive your Seed:   I offer the Seed both in face-to-face sessions in Hawaii, Colorado and other locations around the world, and through remote delivery via phone or skype. 

Seed Delivery Process;   Based on the support that the recipient desires or needs, we spend approximately 30-45 minutes together, answering your questions and assisting in the creation of your Commitment .   During the reception of the Seed, the recipient reads their commitment and I deliver the seed into the recipient’s heart. 

Energetic Exchanges and Payment

I understand payment of money is part of the energetic exchange that makes it possible for the recipient to truly absorb this new energy.  The commitment is to oneself, not to me.  It honors the contract of the Seed and your soul.  It should be taken seriously.  You are asking this energy to assist you in a specific way.  I will be asking that you write down your commitment and read it at the time of reception of your Seed.

The fee is based on a sliding scale.  I wanted everyone to pledge the same amount of resource of their lives to this process.   It is one day of your income in this or last year.  So if a person is living on donations to survive, they pay me what 1/260th of their income that year.  If a person is on a limited income like Social Security, they pay 1/260th of their annual income.  If a person is a millionaire, they pay 1/260th of their income.    This is a commitment to oneself for the future, so clarity of purpose and honesty are baseline attributes needed to start the session.  Payment is in advance of the session.  I accept cash, check, or credit card.  Payment via credit card must be completed prior to the session. 

My energetic exchange with the community:  I return 40% of the money I receive back to charities in the town where I do the work.  

What are theSeeds of Cosmic Consciousness?

In 2005, I took a group of spiritual tourists to Peru to visit the Sacred Valley.  While there I spent two days in my own private meditation and received an energetic gift that I was to offer to humanity.  They are the Seeds of Cosmic Consciousness, which are an energetic resource to support the spiritual and personal transformation of each recipient. 

The Seeds of Cosmic Consciousness were first offered to the public through weekend retreats in 2006 and 2007. In Fall 2014, I was informed, that the Seeds were again to be offered as a Resource for humanity.  This is the message that they gave me.  We have been awaiting for the awakening of the human soul so that our energies could be utilized to the highest advantage of connecting recipients souls to the mind and heart of creation.  We are one with that and will assist humans to move into that awareness and that energy so that they can create the world that they dared not dream before.  We are one and we are many.  You have hundreds of thousands within you and you may give them to anybody AND we suggest the following so that the recipient human takes full advantage of our capacities. Teach them or lead them in meditation so that their soul is at rest and they are attentive to the process.  Require payment from them and a personal commitment.