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Enwholement Creation Program

Are you ready to reconnect to your personal wisdom so that you can live all that you were meant to BE, DO and HAVE? 

Are you ready to take positive action to create the life that is yours to have?

Are you ready to claim your truth and express your gifts?

Do you want more joy and fun in your life?


 Then you are ready to become the Whole You, Your undiscovered self!


We each came here to BE who are meant to BE, DO what is ours to DO and HAVE what is ours to HAVE. We are unique expressions of the divine in action.  If you are ready to create more of what you want to be, do and have in the world, then you are ready to start the Enwholement Creation Program.


What is Enwholement Creation coaching?


Enwholement is the reconnection with your original design.  As you become connected to that energy,   you own your perspective and experience.    You get to experience who you really are and get to hold that knowing for longer and longer times.   Humans  are resonant beings who have not paid attention to the power of resonance in their lives. Join with Elektra to experience directly your presence and your future.   You will gain the knowing to trust in yourself in a way that you haven’t known before.



With humans, an inner shift will direct an outer shift. When you change from the inside, you can change the circumstances outside. Health, happiness, success, those all start with a shift on the inside. Enwholement Creation coaching teaches you how to make that happen.

This isn't some boxed program. It can't be because the inner process depends on the destination, and that's different for every individual.

As you move through the Enwholement experience, you will become a an energetic point of expansion for others. When your mind, body, and spirit all work together, the energy you put out is changed and enhanced. That energy changes everything around you, from how you act to the possibilities that come into your life. You actually become and create the change you want to see in the world.

Ready to get started? Check out our Enwholement Options.

Want to more about our process?  Check out Enwholement: The Process

This isn't your usual life coaching. Lynne knows that it is critical to work on body, mind, and spirit all together, not one at a time. Energy is fluid.   You will be moving from the state of separation to the state of unity.  The flow of energy from creation and your originial design will create the Enwholement State.

Ready to contact Lynne Elektra?  Go to our Contact page and start expanding your experience of your life!