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Working with The Body Whisperer

What is it like, having a session with the Body & Soul Whisperer,  Lynne Elektra Porzel?    Whether you are in her office or talking on the phone,  she first has you state your Intention for the session...not just what is wrong...but the state that you would like to experience.  This informs the field, your body and spirt, what you want.  Not just pain relief, but so much more! 

Each human body works as a complex system.  Each part adjusts if another part is resticted.   There are many sources of impact on the human system and many avenues in for creating flow and expansion.  Elektra has studied these systems from many different angles.  This technical knowledge linked with her Empath skills help her understand what your body, your energtic field and your soul are telling her.

A Conversation Like No Other

What happens next is a conversation like no other. Your body whispers to Elektra and she responds, "Are you ready?" She asks the muscle, the tendon, bone or organ. Then she waits, she breathes, she listens. Soon the body responds. Frozen shoulders come back to life. Sciatica flares down. Chronic injuries heal. Even partly-atrophied organs can come back to life. (To use one of Elektra’s favorite words for this, under her hands they become “plump.”)

Elektra’s secret of success is simple. She doesn’t just work on the body. She works with the body.  She listens. She establishes a connection that is absolutely real, deep, and dependable. When Elektra Porzel listens, your body knows it.

Gently the body responds. It’s not forced. Doesn’t it make sense that the best results come through teamwork, not forcing?

Respecting the Deep Intelligence of Your Body

Elektra is the Body and Soul Whisperer.  She is physical and emotional empath, a medical intuitive and  a mystic who can work both within your body and out into your energetic field.  She is always focused on flow and expansion within her client's full system - body, heart, soul, mind.   She aligns her field with the highest good for your system, and your body and soul recognize that alignment.  They tell her what is wrong and what can be done to help the system heal.  Elektra connects empathicly, and experiences what is really going on within the client.  In turn the client's body or energetic field feels heard.  It enters into a relationship with Elektrq and communicates with her. Results are astounding. True Body and Soul Whisperers are amazingly effective at creating change in their clients.  Body and Soul Whisperers are rare indeed.

Elektra Porzel is gifted healer in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Elektra does a kind of healing work that can be experienced both in person and over the phone.  To prepare for your first session with Elektra, click on our Contact Us page.