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Energy Work

Intuitive healing works with the energy fields of the body, both internal and external. Physical and/or psychic pain occurs when heavy energy/chi gets stuck in the body or in part of its energetic fields. This manifests in organs and muscles, bones and fascia, emotions, as well as energy centers such as Charkas,Tan Tiens, accupressure points, and meridians etc. Every healing modality assists the body/spirit in releasing restricted patterns and re-instituting correct energetic flow through a specific vibration or physical touch. I have been trained in Craniosacral therapy, Chinese Medical Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki, and Chakra Therapy.

Clients who would find Intuitive Healing helpful have:

  • Physical pain that is too deep or too sensitive for hands-on massage work
  • Pain that has no definitive source or cause;
  • Chronic health problems: migraines, fibromyalgia, asthma, constipation, stomach/liver discomfort;
  • Cancer or are in chemotherapy; or
  • For release of tension, stress, trauma, anxiety or depression.