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Energies, Tools, Techniques for Client Transformation and Healing

Techniques for Physical, Spiritual and Energetic Healing

The following is a list of 56 techniques that I use in my phone and office sessions.   



Acupressure and Meridian Line clearing

Acupressure points and their meridian lines can become congested and clogged.  They are often part of a physical issue.   These techniques clear the energy caught in the point or meridian line and re-establish proper flow.


Ancestral Clearing

This clears any agreements with or influences from our ancestral line.  Created by Lynne Porzel based on the work of Tom Kenyon.


Astral Entity Removal

This healing uses the help of a Divine Being to clear all Astral Entities from one's home, office, car, body etc. Created by Rose Rosetree based on the Teachings of the Inner Christ.


Aura Reading

There are over 50 data banks in each chakra.  I can read not only the gifts of your soul in a data bank but also the strength of specific data banks.  Based on the work of Rose Rosetree.


Brain Resetting

This technique is good for individuals who have trouble organizing their thoughts and whose brain keeps interrupting their processing.   This is not appropriate for Alzheimer's clients.  They need a Brain Re-stabilization technique.  Created by Lynne Porzel


Brain Re-Stabilization

This technique is useful for Alzheimer's client; clients with acute stress and generally overwhelmed clients.  Each of these client's has a different source problem, but the treatment of the brain is the same.  Created by Lynne Porzel.


Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Chakras impact and are impacted by the organs and glands.  This process heals organs and glands as well as clearing and balancing the chakra


Chemotherapy Support

These techniques clear the fatigue and nausea from chemotherapy.  Best response is immediately after chemotherapy is received.


Chi Nei Tsang

This is a technique that clears congested energy in the organs through vocal sound and abdominal massage.  Based on Mantak Chia's Healing Tao work.


Clearing Negative Thought Forms

This healing uses the help of a Divine Being to clear all Negative Thought Forms that are embedded in anything that the users owns.  Created by Rose Rosetree based on the Teachings of the Inner Christ.



These techniques are used to release the small ligaments at joints in arms, hands, legs, feet and spine.  This allows the joint the tissue to soften, release and ulitmately lengthen.


Cranial Sacral Therapy

The Cranial Sacral system consists of the brain, the spinal cord and related structures and nerves.  This technique uses light touch to open the skull, brain, spine etc.  It is useful for clients with vision problems, headaches, migraines, TMJ as well as back and hip pain.


Crystal Bowls

Each crystal bowl is toned to the one of the seven chakras.  I play these bowls either on or next to the client.  This energy clears and opens the physical and energetic areas around the chakra as well as the chakra itself.


Crystal Palace Meditation

Meditation in 3 parts – heart to earth; pineal gland; heavens to pineal to heart to earth as developed by Tom Kenyon.             


Cutting Psychic Ties

This healing uses the help of a Divine Being to cut all psychic ties between a person and anyone else that  they have had contact with, thought about or referred to for a specific period of time.  Created by Rose Rosetree based on the teaching of the Inner Christ.


Cutting Cords of Attachment

Cords of Attachment are formed when we are attracted to someone.  They hold the worst experience that the client had with the other person.  This information circulates 24-7 until the cord is permanently cut.  The client finds out what the cord had in it and how it will change their lives.  Based on the work of Rose Rosetree.


Deep Rest

Deep rest during the day is experienced by lying flat, feet up.  No music, radio, TV.  Rest with eyes closed.    Deep rest is the missing element from the health of most people.   This is a definite requirement for anyone who is healing from cancer or other disease.  Minimum 10 minutes a day.   Created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel.


Energy Work

These techniques clear congested energy within the body and its auric field.  They also establish better flow of energy and balance energy within systems.


Essene Prayer

When your vision is described with specific present state language and held in the mind;  while the endstate emotion is felt and held in the heart,  then go and live as if it is so.  This is how our Intention or Vision comes to be our reality.


Extra-Terrestrial Beings Healing

This healing uses the help of a Divine Being to clear all Extra-Terrestrial Beings from one's home, office, car, body etc.   Created by Rose Rosetree based on the Teachings of the Inner Christ.


Façade Body Upgrade

Façade bodies change over our life time.  Inwardly we may have outgrown a façade body, but still carry it on the outside.  This healing was created by Rose Rosetree. 


Fascial Release

Using sound and dragging my finger along fascial tissue, I release the holding and allow the whole system to relax and open.


Fifth Dimensional Body Merger

All humans are creating a 5th dimensional body.  In normal meditation, their soul experience has a 5th dimensional property, but due to their mental definition, it not inhabiting their bodies 24/7.  Thus they are losing the power and clarity that this 5th dimension consciousness can give them.  It knows their gifts and their opportunities. 

By bringing in the 5th Dimensional Body, we are better able to ascend our own soul evolution ladder and assist our bodies to higher levels of health.   We can access it now to assist our bodies in this transition.  Created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel. 


The Flush Healing Process

This includes the Flushes, Cleansing, Crème and the Funnel.  Created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel.     
Full Body Flush

Use  with the Funnel to remove all toxins/heavy energy from the body. 

Large & Small Intestine Flush
Energy that clears the intestines of chemicals and other toxicities.  This could take over a week for the system to clear.  Client must drink a lot of water  and practice Deep Rest until the system is cleared.

Spinal Flush

Energy that clears the spine, sacrum and head of chemicals and other toxicities.  This could take weeks for the system to clear.  It can be just in diluted levels based on the toxicity in the client's body. 

Tumor Cell Flush

Tumor cells hold the toxins that would kill the body if they were allowed to be loose in the system.  So it is important that the Funnel be placed over each tumor, as it is emptied.  


The Funnel or Suction Funnel

This tool is used to draw toxins/fat/unwanted energy out of the body and auric field.  It can be installed for up to 24 hours.  Created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel. 


Foot Massage

Constriction in the feet can cause restriction and pulling up through the knees, hips, back and into the head.   I use sound and massage to open the feet and toes.   This is both a specific group of techniques as well as a class.



Gilting is a specific energy brought in to both increase the speed of transition and to ease it.  It affects both the changes in the physical form, all system energetics as well in the soul.   No one should have this done unless they are: 1- willing to move immediately into the fullness of their work; 2- Clearly defined both their desired states for the 3-D world (body, finances, and relationships) and their soul-work direction. Created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel. 



Most powerful emotion.  Useful in working with KA body meditation, with Celestial Self and in daily prayer with Angelic Team and guides.


Healthy Human Body Template

This is the template off of which all human systems are designed.  It exists at the 11th dimensional levels and can be accessed by any human.  Helps guide the body and healing energy to bring the body up to its highest possible state of health.  Acts as template for diffusion as detoxing, cleansing, nurturing energies are provided to the body by the healer. It can show the client's body the correct resonance for all systems.  Healing practices with this template created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel.          


Holon of Ascension

Used in conjunction with Gratitude to the Celestial Self, it acts to help the Soul absorb more of the celestial self and increase the soul ascension process.  Created by the Hathors through Tom Kenyon.


Holon of Balance

This geometric form is that of an Octehedran.  It is used to keep the connection to Earth and Heaven continuous so the user is both grounded and connected.  Critical in helping at times of emotional and physical chaos.  Created by the Hathors through Tom Kenyon.


Holon of Protection

Set up identically to the Holon of Ascension.  It can protect the physical and auric fields from cosmic disturbances and energetic attacks from earth bound entities and people.  Created by the Lynne Porzel with Divine Guidance.


Infinity  Loops

Infinity loops are used horizontally, vertically and diagonally to open restriction in joints.  I use this techniques along with massage and energetic work.



This is the client's goal or vision for their desired endstate.  This is required to know where the client is to put their focus.  See the Essene Prayer. 



Overall cycles for change support that are necessary when we seek to change our habits.  I use this within my coaching program, see Life Transformation, and in Intuitive Guidance sessions.


Intercostal Muscle Therapy

Intercostal muscles are several groups of muscles that run between the ribs, and help form and move the chest wall.  These muscles help expand and shrink the size of the chest cavity when you breathe. The technique involves deep tissue fasical dragging that helps the Intercostals release and open.   Great for anyone who has asthma or has had bronchitus, pneumonia.


Intuitive Guidance

I am a Medical Intuitive, and an Empath.  I am able to connect with client's guides and teachers and their larger fields. 


Intuitive Sounding

This practice uses vocal sounding, and the Essene form of prayer (Intention and endstate emotion) to create more power and movement in the user's life.  Created by Lynne Porzel from the teachings of Tom Kenyon.


Joint Replacement Support

These techniques assist the muscles in realigning to the new joint.  It supports the client while they get physical therapy and afterwards for clients whose pain continues. 


Jumping Timelines

This practice is based on information from the Hathors that deals with changing your life's story in the timeframe of July/2010 - July/2013 by practicing the Holding endstate emotion and living the desired state.  Tom Kenyon.


KA Body Meditation

With the focus in the state of Gratitude, it allows for the KA body to be nurtured by the energies of the sun.  This accelerates soul ascension process.  Created by the Hathors and Tom Kenyon.


Life Agreement Changes

This process includes making the present life agreement null and void, followed by  writing a new life agreement and setting it in place.   Created by Rose Rosetree.


Life Transformation – aka the  Enwholement process

This is an 8 steps process which assists the client in creating a Joy-full and purpose-full life.  I offer coaching, teaching and healing as needed through a committed support process for 6-9 months.  Created by Lynne Porzel. 


Medical Chi Kung

This is the application of Taoist practices to the healing of the body.  It includes the meditations of   "Microcosmic Orbit",   "Inner Smile", and "6 Healing Sounds" as well the practice of Chi Nei Tsang, acupressure and meridian healing.


Negative Ion Field

This tool is used with the 5th Dimensional Body and the HHBT to create additional healing.  Negative ions help the body in the following ways: Blood cleansing,   Cell activation,  Immune system boost,  Autonomous nervous function regulation.   Created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel.


Proprioception and Exteroception Excercises

Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.  It is distinguished from exteroception, by which we perceive the outside world, and interoception, by which we perceive pain, hunger, etc., and the movement of internal organs.

I use sound, the infinity loop and sensory expansion exercises and techniques to increase proprioception in the head and exteroception in the feet.


Psoas Release

The Psoas is a long muscle located on both sides of the lumbar region of the vertebral column and brim of the lesser pelvis. It joins the Iliacus muscle to form the iliopsoas.  It is a key muscle affecting back and knee pain.  These release techniques include abdominal work, stretching and rest.


Psychic Coercion Removal

This healing uses the help of a Divine Being to clear all forms of Psychic Coercion that are embedded in the client's body or field.   Created by Rose Rosetree based on the Teachings of the Inner Christ.


Self-Authority Decree

This simple statement helps individuals reclaim their own self-authority.  This was created by Rose Rosetree.


Sound Healing

I use vocal and crystal bowl sounding  to help penetrate and open congested tissue.  These vocal sounds can be from the Continuum process or from Taoism.  The crystal bowls are tuned to the tones of the 7 chakras.


Spinal and Joint Crème

This energy fills the joints in the spine and all parts out into the tendons and ligaments.  It makes the connective tissue plumper and unwinds the spine or joint.   Created with Divine Guidance by Lynne Porzel.


Surgery Pre & Post support

Pre-surgery support helps ease the pain prior to surgery and post-surgery  helps the affected muscles release and realign.


Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points control larger areas of pain and often are not in the area where the pain is felt.  I use light touch to release the energy in the trigger point before massaging the muscles involved.


Throat Chakra Clearing

Technique to clear the 7 chambers of the throat chakra.  Each chamber represents speaking the truth of the other 6 chakras.  People communicate only from the chambers that are open.  This meditation connects up the chamber with its corresponding chakra and stimulates the specialties of that chakra in communication.    Meditation developed by Rose Rosetree based on ideas from Donna Edens' work.


Upgrading Your Angelic Team

We each have an Angelic Team of helpers and Guides.  Sometimes we have spiritually outgrown our Angelic Team.  This meditation thanks the old teams and brings in a team more suited to the desired energetic levels of the client.  Created by Rose Rosetree.


The Yuen Method

This method eliminates the causes of a symptom through clearing that which weakens the clients and then strengthening those same areas so that the client is either neutral or strong to a particular experience, judgment, belief, etc.  Symptoms are relieved to a large degree or permanently.