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Lets Get Back to the Basics

Let’s get back to a focus on the basics of creating the life that we want for ourselves, our children and our communities.  The divisions that have been dividing us are not as deep as they seem.  We all know what matters to us personally.  We have so much more in common with others than what separates us.  Some examples might be:  We all want to be healthy.  We want adequate food and shelter for ourselves and our families.   We want to make a living so our children have their needs met.  We want a clean environment.  We want to feel safe in our communities.  Simple isn’t it? If you tell yourself every day what matters to you in these terms, just for yourself, just for your family, you can start creating these realities for yourselves.  Make today, each day, about creating a future that is abundantly full of ‘what matters to you’.

When you say ‘what matters to you’, it should always be in life enhancing terms.  For example, you say, ‘I crave good health’ vs ‘I crave not being sick’.  Then spend a few minutes imagining how you might sustain and maintain that ‘craving’ if it came into your life.  How could you maintain ‘good health’ for example?  Then imagine how you would feel if you had ‘good health’ or ‘a safe community,’ or how you might feel if you were ‘working at a job I love’.   I call these imaginings how I would embody my craving/’what matters to me’. 

We must create the space for these desires/these cravings to come into our world and manifest here.  I have committed to a 90 practice of writing these Cravings every other day, since I like to alternate my days of stating ‘what I crave to be in my life’ with days of observing truthfully where I am right now.  I might observe that everything is great or I might observe that I am angry today or sick today.  It’s that process of being clear where I am right now, in the moment, and clear about what I crave to be part of my life in the future.  You can crave the same thing on each day or crave something different.  Imagine that you are painting the picture of your life and these different cravings are the highlights and shadings that make your picture beautiful to you.

Join me in this 90-day practice.  Let’s make the next three months’ ones that are full of our craving of ‘what matters in our lives’ and focusing on making those cravings manifest in our lives