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Why Pay Attention to What Matters to You?

Years ago, I taught the ‘7 Habits of Highly Successful People,’ both the course and their time management system.  One of the main points of the time management system was that people spend most of their time on things that are not important to them.  I don’t anything has changed over the years.  People think about their ‘to do’ list, what they haven’t gotten done and what is left to do.  They worry about their children, their aging parents, having to make a living or their future.   Sound familiar?

What do we get from this focus on the to-dos and worries of our everyday lives?  Sometimes it does get ‘stuff’ accomplished, but does it keep us on track to having what matters to us?  The old story goes that at your death bed you aren’t going to talk about all the to-dos that you got done or the stuff that you accumulated, you are going to talk about what you enjoyed, whom you loved and valued in your life OR maybe about how you didn’t enjoy life while you had it or that you didn’t pay attention to what was of value to you.  Which ending would you desire?

So why not start paying attention on a regular basis to ‘what matters to you’?  Start with what you want in your life and your family’s life.  It could be good health, living in a safe community, food and shelter for your family etc.  I am convinced that the more that we talk to ourselves about what matters to us, the more we make time in our lives to steer ourselves in those directions. 

I am suggesting that you commit to this practice for 30, 60 or 90 days.  Each day ask ‘what matters to me’ and write it down.  That’s it!  Do pay attention to the words that you use to describe what matters to you.  For example, if you want to have less pain in your life, you should describe how you want to feel ‘I want to walk with flexibility and ease’ vs  ‘I want to have less pain’.  Be descriptive, play with how much you would enjoy this ‘what matters in your life’. 

If you want to deepen your daily practice, ask yourself the following questions.

If I pay attention to X then what would I create in my life? X being ‘what matters to you”; Y being your answer.

If I am creating Y in my life, what would I be sustaining and maintaining?  Z being your answer

If I am sustaining and maintaining Z then what would I embody?

It’s commitment over time paying attention to ‘what matters in your life’ that will help you see the ‘why of what you do’ and probably assist you in the prioritizing of your time and effort.  It will help you to identify what you stand for both in relationships and in your interactions in the world.  It will help you know your own truths.  In this world of ‘alternative facts’, it’s important to know where you stand and what ultimately matters to you.

Elektra Porzel is a Coach and Spiritual Mentor. She is owner of the Intuitive Healing Center www.Intuitivehealingcenter.com, and is Director of The Creation Institute. www.iuwcinstitute.com