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Stand in Your Truth

Each of us must stand in our truth. These days a lot of information is bandied around as the truth. Some may be subjective and most is not. Yet people don’t know who or what to believe. How do you know your own truth…truths that you stand for - no matter what?

These truths are usually recognized by personal markers of internal knowing. In my case, I know that something is a truth for me when I feel a flow of vertical energy connecting me to the earth and to Creation as well as a sense of expansive horizontal flow. Each person’s truth markers are different and they are similar to their resonance markers. Resonant markers are sensations, feelings, emotions, that accompany life enhancing thoughts and words.  

How do you find your personal resonance markers, your markers of your truth? I  have experienced three ways to recognize a personal truth through personal resonance markers.  

First, I was in a situation years ago when someone pushed me beyond my limits of what I could tolerate in their behavior toward me. My system finally just said ‘no more’ and I was clear that those kind of interactions were done in my life. No more second guessing. No more third, fourth or more chances.

Second, I have met individuals who have spent 20-30 years in a spiritual practice and they seem to carry a peace and simultaneous strength in their Being. There is a sense of them living in vertical time and carrying a knowing of ‘who they are’ within themselves.

Third, those who have been writing the Creation Exercises from the Language of Creation have a clear sense of what is resonant for them and what their own personal resonant markers are.

What makes the Creation Exercises the way to find your resonant markers?


The structure of the Creation exercises is aligned with the Golden Mean which comes from Sacred Geometry which reflects the process of creation that most species on the planet utilize. So they are developed in a connection-based unity field. Then in the Craving Creation Exercises all phrases that the writer puts in their Craving must be life enhancing and be something that they want in their lives. In a typical Craving exercise, the writer has written 12 resonant life-enhancing phrases about what Craving X would create, sustain & maintain, embody in their lives. These Creation Exercises seem to turn off the logical rational solution-based mind and it lets our larger Being,  which we are not normally consciously conscious of, speak. Most of us have the experience of hearing this larger deeper wisdom of our own for sometimes the first consistent time in our lives. If you write these Craving Creation exercises enough, you get to know your own resonant markers and you know your deeper wisdom. You become clear as to your truths.


It is important to stand in our truths today because there is so much that masquerades as ‘the truth’. When these ‘alternative facts’ are spoken, we sometimes have our eyes and ears to tell us that ‘alternative fact’ is not true. Even better, now we have our own resonance markers, which no one can challenge, change or obliterate. 

We must stand up for what we hold to be true. We are one interconnected whole with all humanity, all beings on earth. Our future & our children’s future depends on us acting on behalf of this greater whole. Stand for what is right for all. No matter what is going on, stay standing. Stay connected to life and that which has you exist as whole.   

Elektra Porzel is the Director of The Creation Institute and one of the Teachers and Facilitators of the Language of Creation webinar. For more information go to www.iuwcinstitute.com/language-of-creation/. Elektra has a private practice as a coach and spiritual mentor. For more information go to www.intuitivehealingcenter.com.