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Your Language Perpetuates Your Experience of Separation

We like to think that we create our own reality but in truth, our perceived reality is created by the language we speak.  Our thoughts and our words perpetuate the separation that we experience within ourselves, with others, and with nature.  ‘Who you are’ is more defined by the culture/community around you than being a reflection of whom you came to be.  So, in reality, the majority of your thoughts were given to you.  They are the way your parents, your religion, your culture spoke.  It is how they told you to behave and be.  The definition of some of those words can hold you captive with their inherent fear or trauma.  Where does the trauma come from?  Well, trauma that impacts your system can be more than what you experience in this lifetime.  It can be handed down through our cellular structure.  We all hold higher stress levels than the levels that are optimal for the body.  We hold species-wide trauma, our personal early year’s trauma, marginalized group trauma and trauma from life events.  Trauma impacts the malleability of the brain and can change its physiology and its baseline equilibrium level.  The brain shuts down our higher reasoning capabilities when we have higher stress levels and/or are in constant states of fear.  Therefore, our thoughts over time have been conditioned by trauma.

So as you use the language of your culture, you also use their definitions of the words, so you perpetuate their world.  Do you want to do that?  So much is changing in the world now.  The old structures are dying and we stand ready to create a new world where the values of unity, harmony, empathy as well as those in our Declaration of Independence, underlay the new forms of commerce, of governance, of care of the earth, of the children.  How can we do that successfully if the words and the thoughts that we use come from the old reality of separation? 

I will tell you how.  You start using the Creation Exercises that are within the Language of Creation by Tantra Maat.  Her book lays out the philosophy and four of the exercises.  The Language of Creation webinar teaches you those four Creation Exercises with plenty of time for discussion, practice and coaching, as well as information from science, math, psychology, geoarcheology, and linguists’ research.  These creation exercises give you the basic formula for designing a future that works for both you and others.  

You will also learn to comprehend your own body’s language, its messages that it has been sending to you in feelings, sensations, and energies.  This is your deeper wisdom that you probably have not been listening to.  Your deeper wisdom will raise its head in your Creation Exercises.  You will create a new reality for yourself and others, as your deeper wisdom becomes a conscious part of your mind, your heart and your gut.  You will be creating your own design for your own future.  My experience is that using the Creation Exercises from the Language of Creation have given me the most consistent connection to my deeper wisdom and to Creation than any other method or process that I have used over the last 50 years.

The Language of Creation webinar is offered through The Creation Institute.  Our next webinar starts Jan 21st.  The next series starts in late March 2017.  Go to www.iuwcinstitute.com/language-of-creation/ for more information.