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What are the Other Possibilities of Our Lives?

Some say that our possibilities are limited by the cultural norms and memes that tell us the standards for being a man or woman in our particular family, society or religion. Often people can feel restricted and find that their need to ‘be’ or ‘do’ differently is at odds with their need to meet these norms and memes. 

Most of us have questions:  Is this all there is?  What is my purpose?  There is something else that I am supposed to be doing. What is it?  

So how do we move from questions to answers?  You start with focusing on your yearnings, your dreams.  A yearning exists because there is a knowing deep inside you that is that is driving you towards a reality that you sense can exist here.  You need to start to listen to that knowing of your original design. 

One path is to follow nature’s design for creation.  There is a consistent pattern of creation found in most living organisms that has been quantified in the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Spiral.  There is also a writing tool that was created in alignment with the Golden Mean, and that is the Language of Creation by Tantra Maat.

Let’s use Tantra’s Craving exercise to follow one yearning and see how it grows from seed to flower.

Craving…a vital healthy life.  If I stop here, it leaves this craving as a seed with no sun or water.    By craving a vital healthy life, I am creating something else.  What is it?  It’s how the seed grows too.  If we give a seed some earth, sun and water, it begins to grow roots and a stalk.  So the ‘Creates’ phrase is like what happens after that sun and water is provided to the seed.

Craving a vital healthy life creates fun in being alive.

Now ‘fun in being alive’ is my resonant phrase.  Yours will be different even if you too wanted a vital healthy life.  Continuing the analogy, the seed continues to require sun, water to grow so that the stalk is above ground and the roots have moved deeper.  So as I am ‘creating fun in being alive’, I am also sustaining and maintaining the continued growth of my ‘vital healthy life’. 

Craving a vital healthy life creates fun in being life.  Creating fun in being alive sustains and maintains looking around for fun activities to do.  Sustaining and maintaining looking around for fun activities to do embodies enjoying life.

As you can see, my deepest version of a vital healthy life is ‘embodying enjoying life’.  Again, if you filled out these phrases, yours would be different.  This writing tool is an alchemical formula and it is always totally personalized by you for you.  I always discover that my deeper knowing comes forth in these phrases.  That is why this tool helps you figure out who you are, what is yours to do or be.  It supports you in designing and living all the possibilities of your life that you came on this earth to do, to be and to have according to your design.  Come and join me in a Language of Creation webinar and discover this for yourself!

 This language tool can be found in Tantra Maat’s book, the Language of Creation and is taught through the Language of Creation webinar offered through The In Unity with Creation Institute, www.iuwcinstitute.com/language-of-creation/.