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A Better Way to Get What You Want in 2017

Everyone has written New Year’s resolutions at some point in their lives.  Some are followed thru for a while, and most don’t ever get to completion.  So why don’t they work?  Are we lazy?  Really not dedicated?

I say ‘NO’ to the judgements against ourselves.  We just do what is normally done by everyone.  We start with a statement that we want ‘X’ for the coming year.  Then we jump directly to solutions.

There is a better way to get what you want and it is through the Creation Exercises which are part of the Language of Creation by Tantra Maat.

Let’ take a typical New Year’s resolution and follow it through both processes.

Typical ‘Resolution’ statements:   I will lose x number of pounds in 2017; or I will exercise every day; or I will do one act of random kindness a day.

Then we usually move to proposed solutions.  We figure out a plan and what we have to do to live out the plan.  A lot of the time it is a major change, like going to the gym every day.  Result? Usually we don’t keep to the schedule or the strictness of the regime.  We don’t lose the weight etc and then we judge ourselves.  Right?

Here is the process using the Craving Creation Exercise:  First, we use the word Craving instead of ‘I want/will’.  Craving is an urgent desire, like the seed that must become a plant.  Tantra looked to nature’s process of creation to develop this model of moving from our cravings/our yearnings to embodiment of that Craving.  So that we could have what we crave, just as the seed becomes a plant or flower.

Let’s look at the steps

Craving  X is going to create something else Exp:  the seed craves to become a plant which creates attraction to water and light.

Creating that something else sustains and maintains yet another state.  Exp:  creating attraction to water and light sustains and maintains cells growing into roots and stalk.

Sustaining and maintaining the last state leads to embodiment phrase Exp: Sustaining and maintaining cells growing into roots and stalk embodies joy in the beauty of leaves and flowers.

Please note:  We have not moved to the proposed solutions.  We are listening to our deeper knowing finding out all the needs and wants and hopes that reside within the statement, “Craving X in 2017”.

That’s the secret to me, finding out the deeper reasons why I crave this.  These deeper acknowledgements sustain and maintain any actions over time.


When you write a Craving, remember that the phrases that you use should be resonant for you, i.e. life enhancing.  If you find yourself writing a solution, stop and listen internally for another statement or phrase.  It may come as a feeling, or a sensation that you put into words or it may come as words as just pop into your brain.  Resonance is your measure for having ‘gotten the best phrase.’

To learn more about the Creation Exercises, buy the book Language of Creation by Tantra Maat.  To listen to a 20 minute talk by Elektra go to the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheCreationInst/.   We have webinar that teaches 4 of the Creation Exercises in a 6 week webinar.  Our upcoming class starts Jan 21st.  To find out more about the Creation Institute and the language of Creation courses, check out our website, www.iuwcinstitute.com/language-of-creation.