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Unity is through the Words that You Speak

What is unity?  The dictionary defines it as ‘the quality or state of being made one; totality of related parts’.  It’s within whole system thinking, which is viewing something as it is in its totality of interaction with others in the field.  Unity is one of the dreams of humanity.  Unity with others in the field, where others are: human, animal, plant, rock or Spirit.  It’s interconnection as how you do being your life. It’s inter-relatedness with others.  It’s interactive with self and other.  It is no more separation from others. 

How come we don’t do unity now?  It has not been a part of our training.  Separation, now, that we know how to do!  “I am an island”. Right?  “Pull yourself by your own bootstraps”, the only way, right?  Unity is in Community…it takes a village.  It takes all of us moving together in integrity, respect, action, love, gratitude, harmony, empathy.  How do we do that? 


It’s not normal you say?  It is not normal for societies that use a language of separation.  We English speaking peoples, we speak and think in a language of separation.  We have not been trained to think in a language of connection, of unity. It is not in the language that you speak every day of your life.  It is not in your thoughts since those were given you through your English language, which is a language of separation. 


What?  Let’s try on a few key words…’for/against’, ‘either/or’, ‘good/bad’, ‘right/wrong’, these opposite positions are the basics of the Language of separation.  Not to mention, life defeating thoughts, and ‘only one answer to a problem’ or ‘having to make others understand you’. So what would the language of connection/unity/creation be?  ‘Both/and’, ‘with’, thoughts are life-generating, life-enhancing. The resonance of your language will supersede your words.  How do you start speaking the Language of Connection, of Unity?  You could start with just using ‘both/and’ more.  The best path would be to take the Language of Creation webinar offered by the In Unity with Creation Institute, www.iuwcinstitute.com.  We show you how to recognize the markers of Separation and those of Connection.  We teach you how to design your own future using the Creation Templates.  Intrigued?  Visit our website. The 2017 webinars start in January, March and May.  Times vary as the webinars serve the US, Europe, Africa and Australia.