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New Potenials of Our Human Brain

In the past, scientists believed that the brain cells that you had at age two were all you would ever have. They believed that there was no hope for regaining capabilities for people who suffered brain injury. Now they know that the brain continues to grow and expand through our elder years provided that we stimulate it with new information and new experiences. This is called neuroplasticity, i.e. the brain's ability to build new neural networks in response to changes in your environment or to new information. Scientists also understand that our brains can get very rigid if we don’t introduce new information etc. Then those neural pathways become ruts that makes it is hard to shift.

Scientist developed a brain map believing that all brains stored the same information in the same places. Now they know that that is not true for everyone. Research shows that the brain finds available unused neural cells to use for needed storage. A musician has more cells devoted to music, the taxi driver to the routes in the city; the blind person’s visual center is used for other storage.

Much of the research on the brain has focused on the impact of stress and trauma on the brain. The conclusions of this research are that trauma can increase our baseline equilibrium level resulting in more reactions instead of being able to choose a response. Trauma can even change the physiology of the brain.  What I haven’t seen is research on those situations where the life force energy within trauma is utilized instead to transform the individual. Why is it that some people are crippled by a trauma in their life while another is not? What is that unknown factor?

We are in an evolutionary moment. What is possible now? Would you be interested in more higher brain function? The movie Lucy explored this as a possibility. We use 10% of our cerebral capacity. Dolphins use 20% of their cerebral capacity. How would an increase of 1%, 5%, 10% change how we live in our world? How would your sentient intelligence be experienced then? What knowledge could you synthesize? Do you want those changes? My monthly Tools to Thrive call, Wednesday May 17th at 5pmPT-7pmPT, is all around this discussion. “What happened to our Brains and what do we do about it?” covers all the topics above with my special guest Tantra Maat. We will offer some suggestions for calming your brain and reducing held trauma while, I promise you, intriguing questions will abound.

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