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Three Pathways to Living in Unity

We humans are an interconnected whole both in our individual systems as well as the whole of humanity. We are shifting from a 'me alone' perspective which pervaded the reality of separation to a 'we together' perspective which is core to the reality of unity. This 'we' includes both our own spirit and our own matter; our own biochemical and alchemical parts; our own finite and infinite natures. It includes our relationship with our higher Being and with Creation. It also includes the belief that we impact others with our individual choices of action in the world. It's a big shift to make for humanity and I believe that we can do it. After all, this capability is built into our original design. The reality of separation took us off track for a few millennia, and I am clear that we now can return to unity with each other, nature and Creation.
I have three approaches that I use to start moving towards living more in unity.
Pay attention to the words that you use.
The English language is a subject-object oriented language and connects us to things, not people, not nature and not the interconnections of life including between people, nature and that which created us. Thus, it is called a language of separation. From this language of separation, we try and understand something by breaking it into its smallest pieces, and only later do we look at the interconnections with other parts etc. We try and solve problems by looking for the 'only right' answer. There are word choices that immediately throw us into judging something against something else, such as small everyday words like 'right/wrong', 'either/or', 'good/bad'. A simple experiment would be to try substituting 'both/and' for anytime you would normally use 'either/or' when discussing different options. Then experience the differences that makes in your conversation or thought process!
We can look to the inclusiveness of the indigenous languages to see how differently we westerners see the world. Their decision process considers both the connection with everything in their environment (nature, animals, humans) and the impact of various actions on everything in their environment. Westerners call that process Whole System Thinking, which is not a process that is used very much.
Our world is shifting. The reality of separation which went against life and separated us from each other and the earth, well it is dying. Living in unity is a new state that we must learn to navigate comfortably. Luckily, there is a continuum of language and behavior that we can move along from the speaking and doing in a world of separation, to speaking and doing in a reality of unity. More steps in that continuum will be discussed in my monthly 'Tools to Thrive' calls.
Create more connections in your life.
What humans crave is connection and relationship. This includes friendships and extended family. It means caring for and with others. We are healthier mentally and physically if we have safe and familiar relationships. Unfortunately, we have also learned to fear connection and relationship. Our species will not survive if we keep on this path of individuality and 'me alone' stance. It is only from the perspective of unity that we understand the impact of our actions on the rest of the world.
I believe that our core cravings are for connection to other humans, to the earth and her resources, to our Sovereign Being (higher Being) and to that which created us, which is called by various names, Creation, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Allah. Being in vertical alignment with Creation makes life so much easier. It lowers the stress level of 'having to do it all by yourself' and brings one into the right timing for everything. A reality of unity is one of connection and relationship. To increase my connections to humans, to nature and to Creation, I use the writing of the Creation Exercises daily, meditation daily and committed times for ritual around sacred moments in my life.
Use the Creation Exercises from the Language of Creation regularly.
This is my favorite step because it requires only that I write the Creation Exercises. I find that the simple act of writing a Craving not only gives me the opportunity to look at what I really want in my life but it also opens me to my own inner wisdom. The templates require that we create individually crafted phrases that are life-enhancing. So, they focus us on what we want in our lives as well as how we want to BE in our lives.
These exercises work with our brains to form new neurological pathways. Forming new pathways in the brain can result in new awareness, new patterns of thought, and new systems of response. The Craving Exercises calm the body's nervous system by directing the energy of fear, anxiety and reaction into what you want to use that energy to create - whether that's a fulfilling job, vibrant health, a loving relationship, expanded consciousness or whatever it is you crave. I find that I can crave the full range of my cravings from my day-to-day desires up through the macro level of my cravings for a better world for humanity.
Many of us look for the magic quick answer to this dilemma of wanting to be in unity while living with a brain and body that are entrained in separation. The only magic that I can identify is following the pathways that I have described above. In my 'Tools to Thrive' calls I give more of the how and when of these pathways. There is magic in this because real magic comes over time through committed ritual and practice. Come and join me in the 'Tools to Thrive' call which is a conversation between myself and my guests, as well as in the Integrate and Disseminate call which is your opportunity for discussion with myself and other listeners about what you heard and what you comprehend during the calls. To learn more these calls and to register for them, click here.

To learn how to write a Creation Exercises, you can buy the book, 'The Language of Creation' by Tantra Maat. Teaching videos on the Craving and Observing templates is available as well as a package of the first 4 templates are available here..
Elektra Porzel has a private coaching practice and is Director of The Creation Institute. To learn more about The Creation Institute's Language of Creation program, click here. To contact Elektra for more information about individual coaching or spiritual mentoring, go to our contact page.