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Why should we pay attention to our Wholeness?

Humans limit their wholeness when they isolate themselves from others. Connection/being with others is the lifeblood of our species. Being in regular contact with others makes us physically and mentally healthier. Without the interaction and support of others, we limit our own growth and comprehension of what it means to be fully ‘all that we came here to be’. Truly, it does take a village not only to raise a child, but also to grow to the fullness of the possibilities of being a human, of being inspirited matter.

Humans limit their possibilities of wholeness when they only accept the world that their five senses tell them about. There is so much data that our senses receive that we have no place for in our conscious brains. There is also so much information from our gut brain that gives us a larger sense of what is going on. Many of us are empaths or sensitives. Do we honor this additional information that we receive or do we negate this additional knowing because society does not honor it?

Humans limit the world they act within and upon, when they believe the definitions of their language to be the one and only true reality. In truth, everyone has a different reality, because we each have a different history and perspective about what is occurring. Additionally we all live in a reality that goes against life. Don’t you feel it? Doesn’t it grate on you? That irritation and grating are all signals that part of you knows this. Where is a reality that connects you to life and has you exist as whole? Where is a reality of unity? Actually, it is just around the corner. 


There are a number of elements that are part of any commitment to wholeness to unity. First carve out some linear time (i.e. a day/time) over an extended time period to be in activity or ritual.  Each of these committed times has its own Intention and Attention. Intention is simply the why of what I have chosen to do, which needs to always be life-enhancing. My daily walk supports my wholeness if my intention is to be with nature during the walk, appreciating the trees, plants, snakes and insects that come to say hello to me. Contrast that with the intention that I just get it done so I meet a physical goal. The latter works and can be part of the former. But the latter by itself limits the possibilities available to the wholeness of me during the walk. Attention means focus on what I am choosing to do, it’s how I am in vertical time, connected to my soul, my Source. If my Intention is to spend five minutes a day in gratitude to my ancestors and Source, then that is also my Attention. Doing the dishes during those five minutes is not having my Attention on my gratitude for my ancestors. 

So committed time, clear Intention, focused Attention, all create powerful ritual in our lives. When done regularly over time, we create magic for ourselves and others. Most people I know who have just started this ritual time, tell me how significant those rituals become in their sense of calmness or in coming to their lives differently. If done over time, these rituals end up creating the reality which we desire. We feel more complete, more whole in a way that we hadn’t imagined in the beginning. That wholeness of ours impact others as well. It’s palpable when we meet someone who has these strengthening rituals as part of their lives. We notice it when we meet them and when we are in their ritual spaces. Commit for whatever time period feels comfortable to you at first…30 days, 60 days, 90 days or more. Later you can choose to extend this committed time or not, as it may have already accomplished its purpose.

In one of my ritual times, I use the Cravings from the Language of Creation to help me define the reality that I want for me and others in this lifetime. I use the Observings from the Language of Creation to get me present to where I am now in this moment. These two templates support my Soul, my body and Creation in moving me towards the expansion of my wholeness so that I live in and act in accordance with unity, empathy and harmony. 

 What is it that you desire for the future reality of yourself, your family, your community, or for humanity? Your own journey to wholeness can bring in your desired reality which will impact your family and your community. Where you are, they are. As you shift how you live in the world, you impact them. Spend your energy creating the reality that you want to live in and to leave to future generations to grow.  

I am a coach and spiritual mentor.  I am also the Director of the Creation Institute.  If you would like to talk individually, contact me at my website, www.IntuitiveHealingCenter.com.  If you would like to learn more about the Language of Creation, visit www.iuwcinstitute.com/language-of-creation/.