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What Creates a Superior Human?

Recently I have read articles in Time, and National Geographic magazines about efforts to create a superior human being.  There is no consensus on these efforts and I believe that they are totally missing what is the most amazing possibilities for humans.

So what are the conversations about now?   There are those who think it is all about playing with DNA to produce the most intelligent or attractive human. There are others who like to make us into cyborgs with electronic parts to improve our functioning. Then there is the school of energy scientists who say that the controller of our body is our energy fields. That we must correct the energy field of an organ or of the body to truly heal someone, or to return the body to its original design. Energy fields are the vibratory fields that each organ, including the brain, creates through the vibrational state of its functioning. The Taoists figured this out thousands of years ago when they used sound to impact the health of organs.

Last there are those who see humans as cut off from our original design by a reality of separation, which is that which goes against life. Living in this reality of separation has left us feeling alone, separated from nature, from others and from that which created us. Over the centuries, as we  moved from isolated villages to cities to being citizens of the internet, we empathize with many more cultures, religions, races than ever before. The more empathic we are with other humans and other species on this planet, the nearer we are to a culture of unity. As we increase our empathic connections, we have access to more of the original design of humans. Now that is a state of superiority to our present human manifestation that we probably can’t even imagine yet! (For an interesting book on this subject, read The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin).  

So, what attributes would you want if you could design a superior human?   I know what I would have. I see someone who is balanced in their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects and who is living their unique and essential beingness here and now.


  We humans have capacities that are untapped and we doubt our own capabilities more than we crow about them. Let us recognize the unique and essential aspect of each human being and make sure that those gifts are nurtured and supported.  I am convinced that we were all gifted with specific talents and skills that are needed on earth in this lifetime.  As a species, we should make it our business to nurture that uniqueness of everyone and support its expression in our societies. Our one codicil should be that the use of these unique and essential aspects of each of us should support that which connects us to life and helps us exist as whole.  


The next question is how do we BE the best of who we are: 

We take the time to crave regularly what we want in the world and act to make it so. 

We honor the unique and essential being of ourselves and of each human on earth.   

We live the unity that we desire in the world with other humans, with nature and with the divine forces through intentional ritual and respect of the other over time.   

As we age, we build our strengths, our stamina and our capacities in the other areas of life that are not our innate talents.  

We stand for our truths even if others deny its value. 

We live the values of unity, harmony and empathy in our families, our neighborhoods, our towns, our cities and our countries.

Each of us needs to learn to identify how we know our own truths. I call that recognizing our own resonance markers of what is life enhancing for us. Once we know our own unique body/mind/soul language, then it is clear to us what is true for us about life or how we should live in the world. Then each of us must stand up for these truths. Otherwise those who yell the loudest or who have power right now, well, they might tip the scales of survival on this planet. How sad that would it be if the all the potentiality of the human species was never realized because we let those who go against life win after all.