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Your Body has the Answers

We are not used to our body having anything to offer us besides keeping us alive so that we can work, and love and play.   Turns out that your body can guide you to better solutions to your problems and better ways to live the life you desire.

Your body tells you about what is true for you through sensations, feelings, and emotions that arise.  Often the ‘message’ has changed over time.  That ‘clenching stomach’ may not mean what it meant when you were ten years old.  The most effective way to get fluent in your own body-speak is through the practice of writing what you want to have in your life, through writing what is life-enhancing or life-generating for you.  The more that you focus on life -enhancing outcomes that you desire, the more you will start to understand what is a ‘right on’ message from your body and what is a ‘not good’ message.  It takes time and attention to track these messages from your system and it’s invaluable information.  There is a magic in being in connection with our internal messaging system. As a teacher in The Language of Creation webinar, I have seen my students become fluent in understanding their own Language of Creation through their focus on tracking their internal responses when writing their Creation Exercises.

Our solar plexus holds the enteric nervous system, which sends information to the brain not the opposite.  There is more ‘brain matter’ in the gut and the heart than in the brain.  We just haven’t valued this information.  Part of that reason may be this belief of ‘mind over matter’ that crept into our society.  The brain in our head is not the total source or even best source of the truth of ‘what matters to us’.  The other reason is the sheer amount of trauma and fear that humans are dealing with right now.  Trauma, which can be held at the cellular level, limits our capabilities to access the reflective higher reasoning parts of our brains. 

Trauma comes in a variety of forms: species level, early childhood trauma, marginalized group membership trauma, and adult life trauma.  Each of these impacts the stress level that your body considers ‘normal’.  If that ‘normal’ is high, well, your brain will shut down the reasoning and reflective part of your brain.   We’re less likely to be open to those new experiences when we are afraid.  We’re also much more compliant toward authority.  We’re more easily lead and apt to act in ways that violate our own values.

Fear is useful if there is a real threat.  Not so much if the state of Fear is a constant in your life.  If the reflective part of our brain is shut down, how do you make good decisions for yourself and your family?  We must lower this high stress level within our systems so that our deeper wisdom can arise from within and help us design the future for ourselves, our children and for all children of this planet.  Turns out that we can calm ourselves through writing the creation exercises and design our unique future as well. Writing the Creation Exercise every day is the easiest way for me.  You can also do the following:  Make sure you live where you have daily contact with your neighbors; make time in your day for reflection and meditation; and lower the intensity of multi-tasking and living in loud environments – phones ringing, TV blaring, noise from cars etc.   

You are the creator of your life.  Listen to your body and allow it to guide you while you design the future that you want for yourself and others.

Elektra Porzel is the Director of The Creation Institute, as well as a coach and spiritual mentor.  For more information about the Language of Creation, go to www.iuwcinstitute.com/language-of-creation/.  Elektra’s website is www.Intuitivehealingcenter.com.