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To Open Your Heart, Start with Your Feet


To Open Your Heart, Start with Your Feet


You can support your heart through regular practices that involves the Peripheral Gaze, the Vestibular system and the perception of the hands and the feet.   Today we will explore exercises around the feet and the heart.



Embryonically, the heart grows as an involution of the blood vessels. The vessels wrap themselves around itself and becomes the heart.  The blood vessels are contiguous with the heart.  So to do heart work, we need to include the vessels and the arteries.  Therefore, the feet are the roots the heart.  The muscles between the metatarsals in the feet are feather-like – they are for perceiving – palpitatory.  In our habits of always walking in shoes and flat surfaces, we do not give our feet the opportunity to “perceive”.

We connect to the earth through the feet and hands.  If we increase our active perception at the surface of the skin of our feet, then we can meet the depth of our being.  Exchange is the key to perceptionExchange of sensation, of temperature, touch etc.  Even the Buddha is shown with eyes in his hands and feet. 

Below is an exercise for perceiving through the feet, and thus opening the experience of the heart.

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Living Well...Dying Well


Living Well…Dying Well


In the process of supporting a client/friend "K" while she is dying, I have learned not only to be grateful for life in the moment, but also how integrated we are with this world.


Once K knew that she had only 4-6 weeks left to live, she looked at her life and decided that she had accomplished what she had come here to do.  She didn’t want any super human efforts, just pain medications.   She decided that she would get things in order and then just leave.  No prolonged death process for her.  Everyone who knew her thought it was a great idea too.

She cleaned out her files; put aside gifts for friends and healers; put together her thoughts for a memorial service and designated the planner and leader for that service (her husband just wasn’t up to that job).


Each evening she did a number of energetic and spiritual clearings,  told her body to let go, opened her crown chakra and went to sleep hoping that she was would die overnight.  The first week she was surprised every morning that she was still at home in her bed.    She noted that she was having “other people’s dreams” so seriously something was happening…but not death.   I got a call complaining about this with so much life gusto in her voice, that I just knew that she wasn’t quite ready yet.  She kept this routine going all week while she enjoyed tasting the best of local soups.  (She had a stomach pump that drained it out but Oh, the thrill of tasting food after so many weeks where she could eat nothing!)

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The Outward and the Inward Call

Salvation as in “after-life reward” or “saving from sin” is not something that is part of my working world concepts.  In the sense of salvation being the “saving of the best of who we are”, well that’s another question.

I believe that we come into this world with a biological heritage, a soul/spirit heritage and that combination is tempered and molded by our family’s traditions.  Our biological heritage gives us our skills in sports or writing or math.  It gives us our physical genetic health.  The salvation of our biological heritage would be to eat well, exercise, give our bodies the care they need.  It is also using the skills of our body and mind that we were given.  If you are a math whiz or a jock, then hone those skills and use them to help the greater community.

Our soul heritage is less obvious.  The gifts of the soul are both positive and challenging.  They can be seen in how each of us relates to others;  in those who teach or counsel; those who care for the earth, in how we appreciate life on this planet; in how we approach life.  The challenges seem to be deeply entrenched patterns of behavior which slow us down or trip us up.  The salvation of our Soul  would be the best use of the soul gifts and the translation of the challenges into achievements.  The Salvation of our Soul would be again, honing and developing that which comes easy to us as well as learning from our challenges so that you come to a knowing of yourself, others or the world in a different way.  The salvation is in doing this in the context of adding to the  growth of the greater world  community.

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Why Can't We Change?


This is the plea we usually make after weeks of trying a new diet, new exercise program or a new life skill where it seems “we are our own worst enemy”.    Maybe we don’t fully stick to the diet or exercise plan, maybe we fall into old patterns of acting.  While self-flagellation is a common response, blaming ourselves for lack of willpower, determination etc is just not very effective either.  It’s like adding water to a little fire. Let’s really make sure that the fire to change gets drowned!

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It Is Time

It is time to put into words what we as a species and as residents of this planet need to do to continue to inhabit her. We are in great danger of killing ourselves, and a good portion of this planet’s inhabitants simply by our lifestyles and methods of warfare. We perpetuate patterns of behavior and therefore energy forces, which are destructive to life on this planet. The planet herself is undergoing major shifts both as a result of our actions and from her own internal pressures. A dimensional shift is occurring on all levels. Action is required to make this transition easier for all earth’s children.

We can make a difference AND it means that each individual must profoundly change their approach to life. This may not look like a change in the substance of their daily lives, AND it probably will be experienced as such. There is really no choice…if we want our species to continue to live and thrive on this planet. We have ignored our roles and responsibilities in maintaining an environment which nurtures and respects life in all its forms. It is time to recognize this and move forward.

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