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A Home Winter Solstice Ceremony

Fasting for three days before is useful for you.  You can fast from sweets,  meats, bad thoughts, whatever you want.    What is important is the choice to fast and the act of fasting.  They prepare your body, mind and heart for the change that is coming.  They help you focus on creating your Intentions for 2012.

Have a meal of celebration ready for yourself and others to eat afterwards if this ceremony is done with others.  Have water to drink during the ceremony. 

Your Altar:

One white candle;  matches; a small bowl.

Paper on which you have written your hopes for 2012; 

Tenderness for your self and all human kind; 

Love for your self and all humankind; 

Gratitude for all that is our experience here as we don't know how it has helped us move toward our highest aspirations.


Make sure that you can see the sunrise. 


Honor the 4 directions.  Here are some sample words.  You can create words that work for you.  On this longest night of the year, the desire for a return to seasons of abundance drove ancient peoples to entreat the Sun to return.    Winter Solstice became a time of celebrating the end of dark times in our lives and the hope of good things to come
Calling in the 4 directions
We embrace the East, the spirit of air, sunrise and the lengthening days of the spring to come.
Welcome South, the spirit of fire and the long warm days of summer toward which we are moving
We bid welcome West, the spirit of the shorter days of autumn and of water. 
Please join us North, the spirit of the darkness of night and winter


Step forward and greet the sun with love and anticipation.  With your paper in your hand,  raise it to the sun,  show it to the earth and to the 4 directions.  Declare your personal hopes for this coming year of 2012;  declare your hopes for the people of the earth in 2012; and declare your hopes for the earth herself. 
State your commitment to your self,  the people of the earth and to the earth herself.


Burn your paper in a small bowl.   Place your finger in the cool ash, marking your forehead, throat and heart.  Pledge again your desires for 2012 for self, the human race and the earth and your commitment for the same as you repeat putting the ash on your forehead, throat and heart.

Place the remaining ashes in the earth.  Enjoy your meal by yourself or with others!


Why is this Winter Solstice Important

We are here to witness the shifting of an age of this planet, an age of change so swift for ourselves and the earth that our grandchildren will not comprehend how we lived as we do now.  Do not be distressed.  We are shifting to a higher order of vibration and right now are shaking loose the drag of those slow vibrations that no longer suit our vibrational state.  Yes, there is chaos here but there is also the hope for stability at a different and better level of existence.  Chaos is needed to break up the old order and give space for the new.  We welcome the chaos as it assists us all in designing and welcoming the shifts of our nation, our institutions, our earth and our lives.


We are not alone in the universe.  We are both loved and  protected by those that exist elsewhere.  We are used by others as well.  This is the hour of our destiny arriving.  We are Creator beings who have been playing at being powerless.  There are those who would help us know our power and those that would want us to forget our power altogether.

This year is your year to start claiming your Creator Being status.  Once you claim your Creator Being status, than you become a true player in the creation of life here in this universe. 

 - Remember to love yourself and others. 

 - Remember to live in Gratitude for all this life has given you.  We don't know exactly how the feeling of Gratitude serves us and the rest of humanity and the earth.  But we do know that it is the most powerful emotion on th earth.

 - Remember the consequences of your actions.  Don't commit what you cannot live with. 

The earth is also affected by her movement through the Universe and is moving into this higher level of vibration as well.  As a species, we can move with her or allow ourselves to be destroyed.  It's really very simple.  Choose  both for  yourself and for our species as we are One Human Soul.  We can choose together to jump into this river of change.  Together we will swim in the current of change and come out together to a future of changed practices, changed institutions and changed experiences of existence.  Our grandchildren will be in awe of these changes and know a life that we can only hope for now.

Be your own Creator Being, not just for yourself, but for the children still unborn, who are waiting to experience this planet as Creator Beings, thankful that we have set the stage for their thrival on this planet.

This is an exciting time, a challenging time and a time that warps our memory and concepts of being. 

 - Stay grounded; 

 - Stay connected to the energies of the cosmos; 

 - Use the Holon of Balance Meditation, which will keep you connected to both the Earth and to the Heavens.  It helps you make your best decisions in time of chaos; 

 - Bring in your Fifth Dimensional Body which allows you to be nurtured by these energies instead of being worn down by them; 

 - Feel Gratitude in your heart everyday; 

 - Use vocal intuitive sounding as you hold your hopes in your mind and endstate emotion in your heart and then; 

 - Sound for your future. Sound for the future of the human race.  Sound for the future of the planet.

This is the year to make changes in your lives.  Do what you have not been willing to do before.  Take the first step of your journey into a new life.  You can jump timelines of your life this coming year.  JUMP!  Great civilizations have come and gone.  Will this one end in destruction?  Or will we emerge from this chaos and disorder ready to create a new world of higher vibration?

I support my clients through this process through coaching, healing and teaching.  Email Lynne via our Contact page, to see how I might support you as you move toward your vision, your purpose, your future.


The Power of Joy & Gratitude

Salvation  - the dictionary definition is " something that saves".    For me, there is nothing greater than experiencing the emotions of Joy and Gratitude for they both save me and heal me.  When I experience Joy and Gratitude, they resonate within me.  They vibrate both my physical body and my spirit.  They lift my heart, and my emotions.

Several years ago, I spent a week in the company of 2 of my sisters, a brother in law and my 90 year old mother.  We took her back to visit the places where she spent her early years – Pierce, Idaho, and the University of Moscow.  We drove through hay fields on mountain tops, pine saturated mountain sides in Idaho and Montana, and gazed into turquoise glacial lakes of Glacier National Park. 

The patch of earth that molded my mother and her community is economically poor and abundantly rich in the beauty of nature.  Her first cousins are funny, warm, hardworking, loving people who I am proud to be kin to.  That land and those people molded my mother, who, in turn, brought those values, hopes and joy to my life.  It was in this complex interaction of nature and family that I was reminded of these greatest gifts of life on this planet.  

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Five Steps to Start Living Your Dream

Under each of the following 5 steps, I have listed some activities to get you started.  Just pick one.  Do it and then get going on another.




1.  Let the “you within” out 

        Take a class in Intuitive Painting, Intuitive Sounding


        Let you internal 3-10 year old out to play


        Try Mind Mapping the opposite of one of your Limited Beliefs
        Do something that brings you joy every day

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Choose, Listen, Feel: Your Path


Have you ever had the experience of working on an idea in the background of your mind , and then having new perspectives and information just kind of drop in your lap?   I call those AHA moments.   


Well, that happened to me recently.  Last month I started taking an  Intuitive Painting class to let my creativity have an expression.  The focus is on letting that which is inside...our soul, our emotions...create the painting...not our ideas of correct form or technique.

Our teacher, Judy Forst, loves to start and end the class with quotes and the following quote was one of those "AHA MOMENTS" for me.  Agnes Martin, an expressionist painter in the last century,  wrote  "We are born out of ourselves.  I  think everyone has their own line.   If you move out of someone else's position, you simply cannot know the next step.  We unfold out of ourselves and we do what we are born to do, sooner or later."

Robert Frost spoke to this idea in the Road not Taken ."and that has made all the difference".   Steve Jobs would urge you to unfold sooner rather than later.


Agnes Martin began her painting career painting realistically as she was taught to paint.  Somewhere in her 30s or 40's she began to paint in these linear grids forms.   She become famous for painting from something unique  that came from within her.  Millons of dollars famous!!! 

Agnes, Robert,  and Steve believed strongly that when we listen to our voice within, we can change the world.  We can live Our life and it will be both  joyful and full of purpose.



We are an interrelated whole.  From the moment of birth you were directed/instructed on how you were to live your life by your family, your church, your school, neighborhood, country and employers. Now, at your age,  there is much of that STUFF that you have looked at and thrown out.   I call the leftovers of those directions, instructions, attitudes, beliefs and fears that they gave you ... I call it STUFF.

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Tools I use for Healing Your Organs and Bones

For 12 years I have used different kinds of Energy Work to clear these systems.

1.  Chi Nei Tsang which uses Abdominal Massage and Acupressure

2.  Accupressure and meridian clearing

3. Energy Work from both Eastern and Western traditions.   

#1-3 help clear and open your body systems so that they can regain their own health.

4. Six Healing Sounds Meditation - a meditation using form, sound and imagergy to clear and heal organs.

5. Building Strong Bones without Drugs - a program that teaches the use of energy and vibration to create strong bones.

New Energy Tool

Last year while helping a cancer client in her healing process,  I received a new energy that I call the Flush-Cleanse-Crème.  It works to flush out the chemicals, toxins etc. in a pace that the body can handle and adjust to.  Afterwards organs and systems are better able to heal themselves.  It is particularly useful in cases where there is heavy toxicity in the client’s tissues.

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Tools for Eliminating Fear & Judgment from your Life

Parts of our minds and emotions are in charge of helping us experience FEAR.   Fear is necessary for survival...that speeding car could really hurt you...that hot stove could burn you...that dark street may not be safe.  Other FEARS are self-generated and they are the ones that we all find somewhat debilitating.  "Fantasy Experienced As Real" is an apt descriptor.


A client recently came to me because her FEARS had taken over her life.  They took up all her time; kept her from feeling happy and being active.   She also noted that her judgment of self and others was on over-drive.  She saw that Fear was the main driver and judgment really just helped her keep her position.  She asked for me to give her tools to release her fear and judgment.  Almost as an afterthought, she complained of painful achy kidneys This client  is a Chi Kung practitioner and had been using several meditations to increase positive energy flow in her body,  and still found that Fear and Judgment were running rampant. 


Alternative Practices

There are allopathic and psychological therapy resources that this client could use.  Here are some alternative practices that I use with clients.
1. Taoist Six Healing Sounds meditation
2. Chakra mediation  -   Solar Plexus
3. Talking to the part of your system responsible for protecting you
4. Yuen Method
5. Grounding and feeding the kidneys – meditation and earthing.
6. Acupressure and meridian clearing.
7. Cutting cords of Attachment
8. Energetically clearing her field and home

I looked a number of options for supporting her body, the mind and emotions to re-establish balance.   In her case we worked with Taoist method first as she is an active practitioner. 

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Tensing Your Body for Strength and Vitality

Tensing for Regeneration and Strength.

This process came to me from LeRoy Maleuf of Energetic Wellness.com.  LeRoy is the healthiest 79 year old that I have ever met.  He does these tensing exercises 2-3 times a day and uses a Rebounder 3 x a week.  He positively glows with health.  You will tense each part of the body for 12 seconds and then relax.  It's amazingly heart-stimulating and relaxing at the same time.  I hope you enjoy the practice.  For more details on the Tensing exercisees. Call/email me or contact LeRoy on his website.


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Full Body Relaxation - a Simple Practice


Full Body Relaxation 



This practice is great at the end of a stressful day or first thing in the morning.  It is relaxing and connects all parts of the body.  This practice uses both sound and body movements.

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Wellness Tips - Minimal Effort

This article covers 8 tips for better health that can be used independently and require a small amount of effort.  Pick one that appeals to you and do it until it is habit.  Then pick another.  It takes time to create a habit.

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Infinity Loops - the Key to Release

Last week I gave you exercises to relax and open the feet - the roots of your heart.  This week I am taking you to your head to learn some practices that release and relax your eyes, your head and ultimately your Heart.   These focus on the eyes, the muscles of the upper back and chest, and the use of the Infinity Loop to increase peripheral vision and to soften the vestibular system..
What is peripheral vision?  
Peripheral vision allows you to see both front and to the sides.  Peripheral gaze gives the context and it more satisfying for the system.  It is simply the opposite of focused vision.   To give yourself a sense of peripheral vision, do the Infinity Loop exercise below.  AND to help you contrast the forms of vision, please do the focused vision exercise first.  See next paragraph.

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