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Thrice Gifted

I once heard that when Thoreau got an “aha” while reading a book, he would put the book down and try to find ways to integrate that new awareness into his life.  Needless to say, it can take a long time before one finishes a book with such a practice and yet,  wow.   I think of all the books where I have highlighted passages and maybe re-read it later, but I don’t think that I ever deliberately stopped and tried to find ways to apply the Aha.  Until now that is.

Actually  I have had the experience three times in my life where class information was integrated into my behavior.  The first time was Massage school where we learned about a massage stroke and we practiced it that same week in class.  I was fascinated how deeply my new knowledge stuck when it matched my kinesthetic experience.    I looked back at my other educational experiences and found them profoundly lacking in this integration aspect. No wonder I don’t remember all that I studied in my college and graduate studies!  Yes,  I got the degrees, and I also wonder what difference did they really make in who I was and how I lived my life?

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Exploring Other Realities

On January 20, 2015, I flew to New Mexico to participate in a restoration session for one of my teachers, Tantra Maat.   I was honored to have been asked to hold the space while this restoration session was occurring.  To me is felt bigger than an invitation to a Baptism, Confirmation and Wedding all put together with all the individual commitments and community celebrations involved.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!  

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Perspectives on My 40 Day Journey

In February and March 2015, I spent three weeks taking classes through the Damanhur Mystery School program in Damanhur Italy.   Damanhur is an eco-spiritual community that has been studying the human soul, the human personality and our placement in the cosmos and with the earth for at least 45 years.   I learned about Damanhur and its ideas from Tantra Maat of the Agency of Creation last year.   Damanhur's community focus and spiritual ideas sounded intriguing to me, so I signed up for the Damanhur Mystery School with ten other friends from the Agency of Creation.  I had three major of goals:  to complete the first year of the Mystery School’s 12 classes, to experience the Temple of HumanKind, and to learn more about how they build and grow their communities.

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The Roots of Our Hope

I have been thinking about how family values are passed down from generation to generation and the role that these values play in our specie's drive to create a better world. While we often talk about the trauma suffered in families, we don't often talk about the values passed on. We have understood the power of trauma in limiting how we experienced life and in shrinking the vista of life from which we viewed possibilities. Interestingly we also carry this huge sense of the possibility of a better future for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and for all humanity. Some of us have compelling drives to go beyond the everyday efforts of living to do more for the children, our community, animals, nature, the earth. Where did that come from? I am exploring the idea that these compelling desires are rooted somewhere in the past, from our own upbringing, in the values of our parents and grandparents, of our ancestors. It is probably also rooted in humanity's memories of what was, and its hopes for what is possible for our species on this planet. It could be coming from our larger souls whose interests and skills we manifest in a small part in our human lives on this planet.

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Voicing - a Human Need

We all need a place to just Voice our experience of the world.  We don’t need anyone to agree with us or fix us or make it better.  It’s the action of just saying out loud to the larger field of the world what has been going on with us emotionally, physically, spiritually.  We need to voice when there is something that we note is happening for us or in the field.   Voicing is how I language a process within me, or movement outside of me that I have become aware of.  Sometimes  I voice when I am in the midst of something, not knowing the outcome, only the present experience.   Voicing does not assume a response.  It simply, again for me, puts my experience of the energetics within and without into the presence of the larger field. 


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Lessons in Listening

These past couple of months I have become more aware that the skill of listening is not just for the 3D world, but, right now, for me, it is a listening to a wider more diffuse field.   That diffuse field includes the energies of creation and the beings that encompass the field of light.  You might call them angels, guides, teachers, beings of other dimensions who are here to help humanity ascend out of separation into unity.   I don’t know if this describes it well, but let me put this in the perspective of my history on listening.  I had a healing practice for 14 years.  I offered therapeutic massage, energetic work from the eastern and western traditions, cranial sacral therapy , sound healing and Life Enwholement coaching.  A client gave me the title of The Body Whisperer.  In a bodywork session, I listened to my client’s cells, the organs and the energetic fields talk.  I talked to them too and got responses.  I approached those portions of the client with respect, listening not only for where the pain was but more so for the body’s direction as to where I should move first, then next.  There were bodies of knowledge and skills that I had acquired over the years and I utilized those in this process of listening and responding to my client’s system.  There were linkages to the client’s past trauma - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I listened, I responded and I voiced what I found.  My goal was not only to move the client’s body to its next level of healthy wholeness but also to connect the client to that internal conversation, so that they could listen and respond as well.   In the body and its energetic fields, I am an adept listener.

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Dreaming the Future

We, who have been awaiting the transformation of the earth and her peoples, we are many.  We came into this world to shift the consciousness of humanity so that humans could again be aware of and revel in their unique and essential nature.  So that all species could be connected in unity and balance, and that harmony would prevail.  Instead, we got caught in the consciousness of separation which is the limited reality prevalent in western society.   We forgot our oneness and our uniqueness.  We thought that we were alone and not needed in the world.  Sound familiar?

Many people are pushing beyond the separation to swim in the Mind of Creation creating in their dreams the world that is desired.  The Mind of Creation is a living field and it is moving through us right now.  Open to your dreams and state the dreams out loud.  So that you hear the rightness of them for all. 


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Shifting and the Difference

We are at a time of shift, which means really that everything is shifting.  Our past history no longer contains the template for our future.  So don’t look to the past to measure the accuracy of what you are experiencing.  Look to your gut, your heart and your empathic knowings.  They are not mired in the past and give you current readings on what you are experiencing.  That which you are calling in has not existed before in the recent past of humanity.  That which you are calling in is a return to our original design, where our unique and essential selves live in their full expression in a field of harmony and balance with all other beings on this planet as one – interconnected, interwoven.  The good news side of that is we will hear the wisdom of the trees, and the whales; the love of the animals for the land and birds for the trees.  We will be comfortable in being our own peculiar being and loving that which shows up in others. 

Yes, we will not sleep if one child goes to bed hungry.  We will also know the congestion of the air and the stagnation that is haunting the waters.  The oneness could bring you to tears, yet how else will you take action?   Reach out to take action for yourself, for your community and for the world.  We are one.  As one goes, so goes the world.  It is true whether or not you experience it at the moment.   Wouldn’t it be better to experience it and then be motivated to take the action that will heal the water, and the air and feed the child?  Wouldn’t it?  That which is past no longer is your template for the future.  Check the rightness of a feeling or experience through your gut and your heart.  Use your empathic knowings as they are the gift of expanded awareness.   This is an exciting time.  A heart full time.  And it is different.  Let it be different.  Welcome the difference.  Embrace the difference until it is your measure of what is right in our world.  


Mind/Body/Soul Capability

We are in a time of transition where the basic tenets of our reality are contraindicating the experiences that we are having.  One basic tenet, for example, is the construct around Body, Mind and Spirit.  The conventional definition would be that the Body houses the Mind and the Spirit.  It contains them.  It protects them and gives them a vehicle to move around with on this earth.  So no matter how brilliant the mind or expanded the soul, the body must hold those expansions within it.  How tired our bodies must be!  Poor things, they are under a delusion.  What we have been telling our bodies is that they are in service to us, the conscious self.  Our bodies take on service role as its subservient role.  The body is assumed to act as a house or a car for us and no more.   In truth, our bodies are partners with our souls.   They do hold the container for our 3D experience, without them we would not be here in human form.    Moreso, they connect us to the cosmos in ways that we do not as yet understand.  I believe the body has capabilities of inter-dimensional communication that some parts of the somatic world have begun to experiment with.    I believe that in time we will learn of these larger capabilities of our bodies.  For now we must, for the sake of the growth of our bodies and our souls, stop thinking that our bodies contain our souls.   Partnership yes; containment no.   Containment, protection puts an unfair burden on the resources of our physical bodies.  This form is not meant to contain our souls which are of higher dimensional material.  When we release our bodies from the container responsibility, then we allow our larger soul and higher self to contain everything.  Then the body can heal and be a more capable partner.  Maybe then we will understand its connection to the rivers of energy that ride through the Universe.  Maybe, just maybe, our partner the body is a much more capable resource than just the avenue of our 3D experience.  

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Lessons from my Journey

Journey's always have some specific beginning,  such as the day you leave on the trip.  If you go back though, through all the decisions that led to the "first day of the trip,"   you will find that the journey actually started months maybe even years before.

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Day 13-15 End of the Trip - start of another!

Day 13 – 9/20/13

We drove to LAX airport area to pickup a rental car. They we drove an hour in horrible California traffic to drop off my car at the Shipping place. Then we had to drive several more hours in that traffic to spend two nights in Camarrillo CA. This traffic is crazy making. It’s constant. We both decided that we would never live there!

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