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Your Language Perpetuates Your Experience of Separation

We like to think that we create our own reality but in truth, our perceived reality is created by the language we speak.  Our thoughts and our words perpetuate the separation that we experience within ourselves, with others, and with nature.  ‘Who you are’ is more defined by the culture/community around you than being a reflection of whom you came to be.  So, in reality, the majority of your thoughts were given to you.  They are the way your parents, your religion, your culture spoke.  It is how they told you to behave and be.  The definition of some of those words can hold you captive with their inherent fear or trauma.  Where does the trauma come from?

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What are the Other Possibilities of Our Lives?

Some say that our possibilities are limited by the cultural norms and memes that tell us the standards for being a man or woman in our particular family, society or religion. Often people can feel restricted and find that their need to ‘be’ or ‘do’ differently is at odds with their need to meet these norms and memes. 

Most of us have questions:  Is this all there is?  What is my purpose?  There is something else that I am supposed to be doing. What is it?  

So how do we move from questions to answers?  You start with focusing on your yearnings, your dreams.  A yearning exists because there is a knowing deep inside you that is that is driving you towards a reality that you sense can exist here.  You need to start to listen to that knowing of your original design. 

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A Better Way to Get What You Want in 2017

Everyone has written New Year’s resolutions at some point in their lives.  Some are followed thru for a while, and most don’t ever get to completion.  So why don’t they work?  Are we lazy?  Really not dedicated?

I say ‘NO’ to the judgements against ourselves.  We just do what is normally done by everyone.  We start with a statement that we want ‘X’ for the coming year.  Then we jump directly to solutions.

There is a better way to get what you want and it is through the Creation Exercises which are part of the Language of Creation by Tantra Maat.

Let’ take a typical New Year’s resolution and follow it through both processes.

Typical ‘Resolution’ statements:   I will lose x number of pounds in 2017; or I will exercise every day; or I will do one act of random kindness a day.

Then we usually move to proposed solutions.  We figure out a plan and what we have to do to live out the plan.  A lot of the time it is a major change, like going to the gym every day.  Result? Usually we don’t keep to the schedule or the strictness of the regime.  We don’t lose the weight etc and then we judge ourselves.  Right?

Here is the process using the Craving Creation Exercise:  First, we use the word Craving instead of ‘I want/will’.  Craving is an urgent desire, like the seed that must become a plant.  Tantra looked to nature’s process of creation to develop this model of moving from our cravings/our yearnings to embodiment of that Craving.  So that we could have what we crave, just as the seed becomes a plant or flower.

Let’s look at the steps

Craving  X is going to create something else Exp:  the seed craves to become a plant which creates attraction to water and light.

Creating that something else sustains and maintains yet another state.  Exp:  creating attraction to water and light sustains and maintains cells growing into roots and stalk.

Sustaining and maintaining the last state leads to embodiment phrase Exp: Sustaining and maintaining cells growing into roots and stalk embodies joy in the beauty of leaves and flowers.

Please note:  We have not moved to the proposed solutions.  We are listening to our deeper knowing finding out all the needs and wants and hopes that reside within the statement, “Craving X in 2017”.

That’s the secret to me, finding out the deeper reasons why I crave this.  These deeper acknowledgements sustain and maintain any actions over time.

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Unity is through the Words that You Speak

What is unity?  The dictionary defines it as ‘the quality or state of being made one; totality of related parts’.  It’s within whole system thinking, which is viewing something as it is in its totality of interaction with others in the field.  Unity is one of the dreams of humanity.  Unity with others in the field, where others are: human, animal, plant, rock or Spirit.  It’s interconnection as how you do being your life. It’s inter-relatedness with others.  It’s interactive with self and other.  It is no more separation from others. 

How come we don’t do unity now?  It has not been a part of our training.  Separation, now, that we know how to do!  “I am an island”. Right?  “Pull yourself by your own bootstraps”, the only way, right?  Unity is in Community…it takes a village.  It takes all of us moving together in integrity, respect, action, love, gratitude, harmony, empathy.  How do we do that? 


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Unity? Is it What We Want?

Unity is defined as the state of being made one, accord, harmony, totality of related parts.  Unity is part of our dreams of a better way to exist here on earth.  We could say that we all dream of unity without ever actually knowing what it might be like.  When I was young I was told stories of what heaven was like and I was supposed to accept that this was the best that humans could attain.  So then, I thought that maybe earth was really heaven and our hell was to live in it but not of it.  To be divided from it. Turns out I was right, though it took me years to come back to that thought.  So, if earth with all her myriad forms of life and landscapes, is our heaven then why is so much wrong?  I posit that it is because we are separated from the reality of unity, in which harmony with all on earth is possible.

Can we be part of this reality of unity? 

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Humanity's Past, Future & the Language of Creation

For all that what humans are now, we realize surely that it is much less than what we know is the best of what being human was and can be. All the humans that I know have dreams of a better day for humanity, for themselves and their families. They have desires for life that embody hope, respect, love, harmony, empathy, even just food, shelter. Inside of themselves they remember a past that must have held us within those states of being, and which, for now, does not exist. A cynic would say that humans who dream such dreams are silly daydreamers. I say that they are Rememberers. They remember how humans once lived on this planet when we were in connection with all that existed here and with all that existed in the greater realms.

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The Infectious Emotions

Before the election, I heard people talk about greed, racism, misogamy, hate.  I heard others talk of conspiracy theories, of the leftist elite, the ulta right extremists.   Believe it or not, these 'worries' actually build a field for those life-defeating emotions to reside within!  We perpetuate what we focus one. These negative emotions go on and on.

Then on election night and the next morning, I cried with the parents who wondered how to tell their children about Trump winning the Presidency.  Would the American values of 'equality for all' fall to the dust in their children's lifetimes?

We determine the future by our thoughts and our actions.  What we often don't realize is that 'what we pay attention to' persists. 

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Memes and Neural Pathways - Unconsious Controllers of our Behavior

As independent adults, we believe that we are in control of our behaviors and our thoughts. The truth is that much of our responses and reactions are deeply embedded patterns in our brains and our nervous systems. So yes, you do choose and sometimes you let the neural patterns just take over.
What you say? How can I say that? Let me explain first what a meme is and how is operates both on our behalf and against us. Then I will explain how a meme is embedded in your brain and how our nervous system and brain use these embedded pathways to direct our reactions and actions.
Meme -an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation.

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Who is valuable to the whole?

Is there a purpose to each human life?  Is there purpose to any life on earth?  We can see that each species is important in the web of life and without that species in the mix, well, others species go out of existence.  But is it true that we as individuals are purposeful links in some cosmic web that we are not aware of?  I would posit that each of us is important within the matrixes of our families and friends, to a larger web of life in our community and in relationship to other worldly beings who support humanity returning to its original design.  I don’t think that our individual value is that which society has assessed, such as the person with the most money or power.  No, it has to do with how well we are in connection  with others and with nature.  We have gifts to give which are unique to us and which are also essential to life here now.  A new reality is forming now, one that promises unity, harmony, empathy as its values.  One that brings us back into connection and unity so that our children and grandchildren grow up in a reality where they are valued by all for who they are as a unique and essential beings. 

We each have a say in the attributes of this new reality forming and we have the power to give it residency or to hold on to this present reality we live in where war, hate, greed, misogyny are all rampant.  We each must choose which reality we want.  


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Change Your Words, Change Your Reality

Our language separates us from each other and from nature.  It is through its structure and through its definitions that our consciousness is defined.  I have spent most of my 69 years in a search for how to live my most desired life and how to help humanity to do that as well.  I have studied and practiced ancient traditions and modern modalities.  All were helpful but none gave me the long lasting change in myself and in my capabilities that I desired.   

Four years ago, I started listening to Tantra Maat.  She likes to say that each of us is unique and essential to this world.  Well I agreed that I was unique (my kids have called me weird for years!) yet I found it very hard to agree that I was essential.  My whole life I watched as society did not value people who worked with children or tried to help people heal.  If society does not value my work, how could I be essential?  I had it wrong.  I was listening to the language of my society instead of the call of my soul and of creation.   

When I dared to accept that I was essential, such a scream broke out of my core.   Yes, me as an expression of Creation and me as the work I want to do in the world are important and essential.  I stamped my foot and said 'No more!'  'No more!' to allowing old beliefs, habits and societal norms to run my life.  

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A Vote for Humanity's Holiday


Winter Solstice is the one holiday that is equal for all people. It doesn’t depend on anyone’s religious, cultural, spiritual orientation. It marks a celestial event. In 2015, it is on Dec 21st. The shortest day of the year. Since our earliest ancestors first lived in lands where fall and winter occurred, they started paying attention to the length of the day. Longer days brought more sunlight which allowed plants to grow more and animals to get bigger and fatter.   With the coming of winter, families and individuals knew that their ability to make it through winter was based quite literally on what they gathered, grew or killed during the rest of the year. Even up until the last century, there were no outdoor lights, no fully lit homes. Darkness was deep and held the unknown. It is a short time span in human history that we have had towns, cities, street lights, and grocery stores. Really just a snap of our fingers.


Even though we don’t grow our own food (mostly), we still realize that someone did. We are as dependent on the sun as our ancestors were. Only now, we can go to the grocery store and buy what was grown in another part of the world. My point is, we all need to survive. So we all look with joy to the warmer days of spring and summer. We all hope for better days in the future. So on that note, let’s celebrate the Winter Solstice. Let’s party in gratitude that warmer and longer days are coming.


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