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About Lynne Elektra

Elektra Porzel is a Medical Intuitive and Mystic, also known as the Body & Soul Whisperer.

When you are serious about making changes and pursuing the life you were meant to live, Elektra will help you get there. For many people this will encompass metamorphosis on both physical and mental levels; the beauty of working with Elektra is that her training in coaching and many body work modalities means she can help you face all these challenges. She knows that the mind and body must work together to support the best possible person you can be. Each client is a complete individual with Elektra so each session is completely tailored to your needs of the moment and your goals for the future.

As a coach, Elektra is confident in her skills but never arrogant. She offers a perfect balance of warmth, knowledge, and a no-nonsense attitude. Elektra is always with you in support of your process. She knows we are each on our own journey and no one knows your circumstances like you do. Elektra will teach you to look at yourself differently. She makes it clear not only what you need to do, but why. Her diagnostic abilities are uncanny.

As an energetic body worker, Elektra has truly mastered each of the modalities that she offers. A physical symptom in one area may have its source in something else entirely; Elektra is always able to get directly to the heart of the real problem. Her innate abilities to understand the messages of your body allow her to clearly explain what is needed and why. When you work with Elektra you will progress in ways you never expected.

Energetic Healings

Elektra uses her intuitive sensing to create a customized healing program for each client. Her skills as a Medical Intuitive direct her use of these modalities: Craniosacral Therapy, Energywork from both the Eastern and Western traditions, ChiNeiTsang, Sound Healing and Intuitive Guidance.

For specific lists of physical problems that she can address.
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Through the Sound Healing classes, Elektra acts as both a teacher and a Guide to groups of individuals seeking better health both physical and spiritual.
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Spiritual Healing

Clients come to Elektra for individual sessions to clear physical conditions that are connected to energetic or spiritual issues. Elektra works with individuals utilizing Intuitive Guidance, Energy work and Sound Healing. See About Us for further descriptions her approach. Elektra is a leader of spiritual retreats both in the United States and Peru. See Events/Classes for further descriptions her retreats.


Elektra’s Enwholement Life Transformation Programs assists her clients in claiming  their power and BEING who you are as they share that gift with the world. Let Elektra show you the way to live the Enwholement process.

Having a partner on your personal growth journey makes all the difference in the world!   To read more about Elektra’s coaching programs, click on Program


Over the last 30 years Elektra has studied a variety of spiritual, environmental, and nutritional perspectives. At one point, she realized that these were all new paradigms of how the world or the body functions. They brought her to the understanding of the absolute interconnectedness of all life on this planet and within the human body.

In 1997, she left the field of Training and Development and entered two bodywork training programs simultaneously – Potomac Massage Training Institute and the Mid-Atlantic Council of Healing. She discovered the worlds of anatomy, bodywork and energy healing. She found the missing key to assisting people in their change process. Through bodywork sessions, she provided clients with changes in the dynamics of their physical and energetic space. Those changes allow for flow, movement and healing within the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual systems of the individual.

Elektra has an MEd from University of Maryland; graduated from Potomac Massage Therapy Institute, and from Mid-Atlantic Council of Healing’s Program.

As a trainer, she has been certified as a Trainer of Trainers by Achieve Global and was certified in the MBTI, 7 Habits, Magic of Conflict and other specialities.

As a healer, she has additional training in Craniosacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, Medical Chi Kung, Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki and Massage for Pregnancy. She is a certified Instructor of Living Tao Chi Kung.

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