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Welcome to Your Possibilities!

We each have so many possibilities for our life,  no matter what our age!  

What do you imagine are the possibilities of your life? 

We are in immense time of change.  You can Be, Do and Have all that you were meant to when you entered this lifetime.  It's true.  Possiblities abound.

How do you access these possiblities?  

First, listen.  Listen to your body, to your soul, to Source.  Let the wisdom of your heart, your gut and your larger soul speak to you.  Then act.

Second, Act.  Your actions can be creating time to listen; they can be seeking out resources for support; they can be changing habits of your daily life.

I believe that it is important that we nurture and nourish ourselves.  This idea that one should have to do everything by themselves is not realistic.  We grow and flourish when we are in connection.

How do I help you in your search for Resources and Connection?  

I provide both energetic and spiritual healing as well as coaching to assist you in your growth and transformations.


The Seeds of Cosmic Consciousness.  They are an energetic gift from Source. They give you an on-going energtic boost to shift your life towards its desired whole.   See our Programs section for details.

Coaching and Healing Programs

I provide one-on-one sessions in which you can recieve energetic healing, spiritual healing and spiritual mentoring.  These sessions can be singular or connected as part of a committed path of growth. See Program:  Enwholement Coaching  to view the options for the the latter.

Elektra Porzel, the Body & Soul Whisperer, helps you remember

  - how to discover the experiences of wholeness and health in your body

  - how to release the power of your heart to call in your purpose in this life;

  - how to strengthen your connections to the earth and the universe, so that you can walk in your truth and share it with the world. 

We all have become disconnected from our original possiblities, from the Divine and the energies of the universe early in life.  It just happened in Western society.  These separations cause the pain in our bodies, our hearts and our spirits.  Elektra can help you reconnect to your original possibilities and capabilities.

 As a healer, Elektra assists clients in healing their physical problems, emotional blockages and spiritual issues.  She connects with the energetic fields of your entire system using her extensive training and tremendous skill.   Elektra is a Medical Intuitive who helps you heal.   Check out Modalities for specifics.

 As a coach, Elektra shows you how to claim your passion and achieve full health and balance in body, mind, heart, and spirit.   Have you thought about what that would look and feel like?   Elektra can show you how to make it a reality.  See the Enwholement Process for more about coaching.

Elektra works with your energetic fields skillfully whether you are working over the phone or with her in Hawaii.   

 Welcome to the Elecktra's field of the Intuitive Healing Center!  

The Intuitive Healing Center is a heart centered practice honoring all our connections to the Earth, the Divine, and the Universe. I support my clients through customized healing sessions, coaching programs, and classes by phone, online, and in person in my office, which is located in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.