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We are more than we imagine!

Are you calling in a future that is MORE, more compassionate, more connected, more unified?  

Are you discouraged because of the escalation of anger, greed, hate across the world?

Well you have two choices.  

Stay discouraged and fearful and expect the worst OR

Learn how to call in the best of yourself to dream a new future for humanity.

We, who stand for a greater future calling for all human beings, we must stand in our truth. One of our lifelines to accomplish this is to do the following:

 It is time to remember your own sacred moments…the love you feel for your child, the flower opening in early morning, the sunset sending its rays upon the ocean as it sinks below the waves. Our own personal sacred moments will be the foundation of the future rising when all this tumultuous times have ended.   What are your sacred moments?  Remember them daily.

“We each should take the time daily to connect to that which connects us to life and helps us exist as whole.”  Tantra Maat

“Fight for the light of your own goodness.“ Tantra Maat

“Pay attention to what is right with you, with the world, not what is wrong”.

“Be in unity with that which created you”. Tantra Maat, Agency of Creation

Learn how to restructure your language so that it supports unity not separation.

First understand that the thoughts that you have are not your own.  They were entrained into you from infancy.  It is possible to change them and change their 24/7 messages to you.

Second, know that this separation from others and nature is not your fault.  It is built into our langauge.  

Yes, you have to make changes to speak differently and act differently.

How do you learn to speak differently?  Learn to use the Creation Templates from the Language of Creation.  It is a book by Tantra Maat, and a webinar series offered by The Creation Institute.  Click here to learn more about available programs!

Humans were originally designed to live in connection and unity with the earth, its resources, with the cosmos and with that which created them.  In the far past, something happened that severed that connection.   Whatever it was, our ancestors suffered such long term losses that their pain lives on in stories and myths and in the cellular memory of our cells.

We live in a reality of separation that has impacted our physical functioning, our energetic functioning and our language.  We yearn for a reality of unity, to be again in connection with all life on earth and with that which created us.  In each of us, this yearning is both personal and humanity-wide.  We want a future of connection for ourselves, our children and for humanity’s children. 

How do we get free from these loops of separation that keep taking back into the past?  If you are like me, you have searched through many teachers, many ancient traditions and many healers.  Each has offered you some assistance and the separation continues.  I know, I have studied, practiced and taught many traditions and modalities.  I was a hands on healer for 15 years.  I have been a coach and spiritual mentor for 10 years.  Everything I learned has been of some value and still not enough.  What it was missing was consciousness. 

How do we get consciousness in ourselves? In our lives?

Since we each are a unique and essential being, our path to being aware of the future that we desire for ourselves and others necessarily has to have the possibility for that uniqueness.  The Creation Exercises from Tantra Maat’s book, Language of Creation, provide such a structure – following the design of how Creation creates and in practice totally a unique creation each time you write a Craving or an Observing.

What can Elektra provide?

     Coaching in the use of the Language of Creation exercises to support your expansion into the life that you desire.  I am one of the teachers of the Language of Creation through the Creation Institute.

     Spiritual Mentoring.  I have access to your energetic  field through my empathic capabilities.  I can assist you in hearing that which you are calling in for yourself.

     Spiritual and Energetic Healing.  I am trained in physical, spiritual and energetic healing techniques. These can be the entire focus of a session or part of the weaving.

What do I ask of my client?

Be present.  Listen to that part of you that knows more – your gut, your heart, your spirit.

I can support you in claiming your passion and your capability to connect to life and exist as whole.

I offer one time sessions and a committed longer term option called the Enwholement Process.

The Intuitive Healing Center is in its own transformation.  I no longer offer physical care.  I still maintain a  heart and gut centered practice honoring all our connections to the Earth, the Divine, and the Universe.  Contact me to see if what I have to offer is what best serves your personal goals.  If it does, let’s continue our conversation.  Namaste.

We are all so much more than what we can imagine!